Project K emerges as a fresh presence in the art world, offering a new perspective on contemporary art. Guided by the thoughtful curation of Hannah Lim, the gallery is a place where promising talent and established artistry come together in a harmonious dialogue.

With a focus on both the established masters and the vibrant energy of emerging artists, particularly those creating compelling installation works, Project K is a humble yet passionate participant in the art community. It’s a space where art is accessible, conversations are sparked, and the future of art is shaped by every exhibition and artist it hosts.

Hannah Lim, with her keen eye and dedication, ensures that each artist’s work is presented in a way that honors their vision and invites viewers to engage deeply with the art. Project K may be young, but its heart beats with the promise of growth and the excitement of what’s to come in the world of contemporary art.

Here, the gallery’s walls are alive with the vibrant works of blue-chip Korean artists, whose creations are not only visually stunning but also represent significant cultural narratives. Simultaneously, Project K nurtures the growth of emerging artists, providing a platform for those who push the boundaries of traditional mediums with their installation art.

The gallery’s vision is clear: to foster an environment where art is not just displayed but experienced, where visitors engage with the art in meaningful ways, and where each piece serves as a catalyst for conversation and reflection. Project K is not just a gallery; it is a vital cultural hub that celebrates the dynamic and ever-evolving world of contemporary art.